Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

How was your weekend? Mine was great- and it has been fab to see the sunshine and warm weather make a welcome return. Love it!

I had a full on week again last week, and I stayed pretty close to my goals for health and fitness. Hear is how my activity measured up:

Monday- body blitz circuits. Jacqui mixed in some new challenges and we used the short resistance loop bands which are my new favourite- I had DOMs for most of the week afterwards. We have bought some bands for ourselves so they’ll be coming in holiday with us!

Tuesday- I wasn’t back from Glasgow in time for Trigger Point Pilates, but I did squeeze in a walk

Wednesday- JogScotland. We ran out and back along the Glen Road which is uphill on the way out and joyously downhill on the way back. It was great, even if my new hair cut was destroyed by the rain!

Thursday- it was the final week of round 56. We ran through the whole thing non-stop. It was tough, but I really enjoyed this round!

Friday- a sunny walk around the harbour

Saturday- another sunny walk around the harbour

Sunday- gardening. Lots of squats when weeding!

Jacqui is away on holiday for a week, then @TheWelshWookie and I are on holiday for two weeks so there will be no classes for a while. We have picked our resistance loop bands and running gear, so I plan to get some activity in. But, more than anything, I’m looking forward to some down time. It’s been six months since my last break so I’m definitely going to have some R and R.

In the meantime, here’s something to keep me focused this week:

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