Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Is anyone else surprised to find themselves in mid December already? It’s been such a quick year, and I am finding that the weeks are passing me by. I’m constantly surprised to find that it’s a Monday morning again, and time for a blog check in.

I haven’t been consistent or clear with my blogging this year and I mentioned in an earlier post that I was considering shaking up how and why I blog. I still haven’t made any decisions about this- all opinions are welcome so comment below with your thoughts!

Last week was a mixed bag for me. I’ve truly fallen off the healthy eating wagon and my work trousers are making that evident! As for fitness, I was curtailed by work plans, but here’s how my week turned out:

Monday- travelling for lots of the day but I did manage a walk, doing 15k steps

Tuesday- two classes: Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday- a meeting in Glasgow meant I missed Jog Scotland but I did get a walk in and another 15k steps

Thursday- PiYo, we managed the full flow and a full round. Yay!

Friday- rest

Saturday- a day of Clarsach and we didn’t fit in any meaningful exercise

Sunday- walk

I finish up for leave later this week and classes are beginning to wind down for Christmas so I’ll have to wait and see what I manage to commit to over the next few weeks.

Here’s today’s motivation: Have a great week!

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