Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Somehow, dear readers, we find ourselves in August. Already. Firmly over half way through 2019 and not quite sure how that happened!

I had planned to do a half year review of my goals, but I haven’t had much chance to go back and reflect on these. My goal for the next couple of weeks is to find time to do that, so I can refocus for what is quickly becoming the final third of the year.

As for the last seven days, they’ve been pretty good. Here’s my brief week in review:

Monday: a walk around the harbour

Tuesday: double class- Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates

Wednesday: informal jog Scotland session, we ran 3 miles

Thursday: no PiYo, but I did a lunchtime trail run with Alison. It was warm so we stuck to a shaded trail.

Friday: the plan was to run 10k but it was just too hot for me. I did do 5k which was better than nothing

Saturday: rest

Sunday: walk around the harbour

I’ll be looking to up my training a little this week, as I lost some mileage last week, cutting my longer run short and not managing a fourth run.

Here’s to a fresh week!

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