Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

A little later than usual….



Monday Motivation 

I cannot believe another week has passed, we’re only a week away from Easter and two weeks away from the Great Edinburgh Run!

I’m feeling inspired today, inspired by those who achieved so much yesterday: my feed was full of smiling faces and bling: with people achieving in Brighton, Paris and elsewhere. Big congratulations to Allison (The Running Princess) and Steve (Running on Espresso) for doing so well in the tough heat of Paris- I’m jealous of both your bling and your post- run refuelling!

I hate to say this out loud, but my training is still on track and going well, which is just brilliant. Here’s my roundup for last week:

Monday: I love WAR and I can really feel the benefit of the strength and endurance training we are doing. I’m pushing hard each week and, I think, reaping the benefits.

Tuesday: Get better soon, Sam, but in the meantime Pound and Zumba is off. But what it meant was I managed to get an extra run in. I did a nice, solid 10k and I was comfortable with my time. I didn’t push myself too hard, and I now feel that my 5k race time would be under 30 minutes and my 10k race time under the hour, the Jog Scotland speedwork is definitely paying off.

Wednesday: we had week two of the new training block at Jog Scotland tonight which was 2×20 minutes. I didn’t stop in between, and we managed to run four miles in total, which was great after my 10k the day before. I still felt strong and comfortable even though I try not to run two days in a row.

Thursday: I had my Thursday Doubler which I love. In PiYo we did the whole round without stopping between tracks too much. We also put together both Flow sections and did the whole Flow on each side, which was tough and challenging. I really love the Power session in this round, which I will miss! We also did an alternative Total Body Fusion which kept the body challenged. We had a new floor track in VeraFlow which was really good: it involved some variations on pigeon and the various deep stretches felt good!

Friday: we had no salsa as it’s off for the Easter break, so I squeezed in some steps in between baking for the Fèis coffee morning.

Saturday: I ran the glen loop and out along the Kilberry road, totalling nine miles. I felt good: I was running comfortably and my pace was fine for a LSR. I had to slow myself down a couple of times, but my pace increased as the run progressed. I also tackled some hills along the way, which were tough but gave me confidence for the Great Edinburgh Run, as I know it is hilly! I felt great, all in all. At one point I was running down a hill, arms outstretched, singing along to my music: I must have looked a sight to the drivers who passed me! 😮

Sunday: I didn’t want to do too much today, as I know I could do with some RnR, so I did a gentle 30 minutes on the indoor bike to get my daily target done for my 5×50 Challenge. I usually find the bike really tough, but today it was ok- probably down to my gentle pace 😉

Classes are winding down a little this week for Easter, but that just means I can focus on the GSR, and making sure I’m ready for it.

Hope this helps if you need a kick start to your week:

This really resonates with me: I hope you like it too. Have a good week.

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Just a quick check in from me tonight, to run down my week- how was yours? I had a great week, fitness-wise:

Monday- 5k run

Tuesday- Pound and Zumba – two classes

Wednesday- JogScotland, we did hills. Seven of them!

Thursday- 5k run

Friday- walk. Salsa was cancelled 😦

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday- 30 minutes on the indoor bike

Tonight, I was really happy to be back at our regular Monday night WAR/Body Conditioning class. I’ve missed it while Jacquie has been on holiday, and it felt good to work out hard tonight. I tried my best to push myself, and my arms feel it tonight. Goodness knows how they will feel in the morning!

Here’s my weekly dose of motivation to keep me on track:  I LOVE this one! Have a brilliant week!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Well hello there. How was last week? Did you finish January strong, or did it wind down with a whimper? Is February off to a flying start?

My week was good, pretty solid actually. Travel  for work meant I didn’t manage to my Monday night class, and Pound is still off on Tuesdays while Sam, our instructor, recovers from an injury. All in all, though, I managed ok. 

Monday I found myself in Glenrothes, and so I went for a run as soon as I arrived. I had a little trouble with the Nike Running Club app (i.e. it conked out) so I restarted it, and all in all Imanaged  4.25 miles. Woop! I was up early on Tuesday and headed out for a pre-breakfast run, knowing that I would be tired after a long drive home, and I didn’t want to risk skipping a day so early in the week. Once again my app was glitchy but I did manage a 5k first thing. 

On Wednesday evening I headed out with the Jog Scotland gang, and the run just flew by! We did a 10 minute warm up run followed by 10 minutes of chain running and a 10 minute cool down. It was great fun, I hate to say it out loud but I do love chain runs 😮

I’m pleased to report that I made it to both PiYo and VeraFlow on Thursday night. I’m really enjoying this round of PiYo, it contains lots of my favourite moves like kick throughs and the PiYo flip, yay! It felt tough but very satisfying after missing class the previous week. We even added the start of the latest Flow section so we’re making rapid progress. 

I had a day off work on Friday, so I headed out for a run in the morning: my legs felt tired and heavy after classes the night before, telling me I had worked hard! When I checked my pace, I was also running a good bit faster than I had anticipated which was a lovely surprise! We then had Salsa on Friday night and again, I felt like we were making progress. Having said that, we did some work on arms and, well, my arms do not want to work when put together with my feet! Oops! I definitely need to practice, practice, practice. 

Oh, and I said goodbye to 2.2 lbs of fat, so that’s good news too 😉

We then had a relaxing weekend and my legs definitely felt the better for it at WAR/Body Conditioning tonight. Speaking of which, I felt much stronger in some of the sections tonight so this seemed very apt:  Hustle hard this week, girls and guys! 😉