Monday Motivation 

I cannot believe another week has passed, we’re only a week away from Easter and two weeks away from the Great Edinburgh Run!

I’m feeling inspired today, inspired by those who achieved so much yesterday: my feed was full of smiling faces and bling: with people achieving in Brighton, Paris and elsewhere. Big congratulations to Allison (The Running Princess) and Steve (Running on Espresso) for doing so well in the tough heat of Paris- I’m jealous of both your bling and your post- run refuelling!

I hate to say this out loud, but my training is still on track and going well, which is just brilliant. Here’s my roundup for last week:

Monday: I love WAR and I can really feel the benefit of the strength and endurance training we are doing. I’m pushing hard each week and, I think, reaping the benefits.

Tuesday: Get better soon, Sam, but in the meantime Pound and Zumba is off. But what it meant was I managed to get an extra run in. I did a nice, solid 10k and I was comfortable with my time. I didn’t push myself too hard, and I now feel that my 5k race time would be under 30 minutes and my 10k race time under the hour, the Jog Scotland speedwork is definitely paying off.

Wednesday: we had week two of the new training block at Jog Scotland tonight which was 2×20 minutes. I didn’t stop in between, and we managed to run four miles in total, which was great after my 10k the day before. I still felt strong and comfortable even though I try not to run two days in a row.

Thursday: I had my Thursday Doubler which I love. In PiYo we did the whole round without stopping between tracks too much. We also put together both Flow sections and did the whole Flow on each side, which was tough and challenging. I really love the Power session in this round, which I will miss! We also did an alternative Total Body Fusion which kept the body challenged. We had a new floor track in VeraFlow which was really good: it involved some variations on pigeon and the various deep stretches felt good!

Friday: we had no salsa as it’s off for the Easter break, so I squeezed in some steps in between baking for the Fèis coffee morning.

Saturday: I ran the glen loop and out along the Kilberry road, totalling nine miles. I felt good: I was running comfortably and my pace was fine for a LSR. I had to slow myself down a couple of times, but my pace increased as the run progressed. I also tackled some hills along the way, which were tough but gave me confidence for the Great Edinburgh Run, as I know it is hilly! I felt great, all in all. At one point I was running down a hill, arms outstretched, singing along to my music: I must have looked a sight to the drivers who passed me! 😮

Sunday: I didn’t want to do too much today, as I know I could do with some RnR, so I did a gentle 30 minutes on the indoor bike to get my daily target done for my 5×50 Challenge. I usually find the bike really tough, but today it was ok- probably down to my gentle pace 😉

Classes are winding down a little this week for Easter, but that just means I can focus on the GSR, and making sure I’m ready for it.

Hope this helps if you need a kick start to your week:

This really resonates with me: I hope you like it too. Have a good week.

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