Makin’ Space

Makin’ Space

Since collecting my treadmill on Sunday, we’ve been working around the other stuff that was in one of our spare bedrooms.

photo (1)

What you can’t see in this picture is the desktop PC in front of the treadmill, the musical instruments on the other side of the room, and the storage unit filled with electrical bits and bobs including a DVD player, video recorder, PS2, etc, etc.

Here’s where we got to, mid way through the clear and sort, when I was just about ready to throw everything away….. @TheWelshWookie wouldn’t let me 😉


And here we are, with the new set-up: the desktop PC is gone, the MacBook has relocated upstairs, and the TV is wall mounted, so that we can watch it while using the treadmill.

photo (2)

And, yes. At my age, I do still have my TY Beanie Bears on display. Does that say something deep and meaningful about me?

The wires and cables still need to be hidden, so we’ll pick up some trunking for that next weekend, but all in all, I’m delighted with all of @TheWelshWookie’s hard work today, setting this up.

Me? Well, I helped a little. And I watched my first two Christmas movies on Christmas24. I did run 5K watching the end of the second one, just to test out the wall mounted TV, of course 😉

And in other news, not only did the Zombified TartanJogger and @TheWelshWookie make it into the Lennox Herald as reported earlier in the week, we made it into the Helensburgh Advertiser too!

The article and picture are here  🙂

Today’s Run:

Run: on the treadmill. 5K.

Time: 34:40

Weather: very wet, dark and windy, but I don’t care, as I ran indoors!

Trainers: Nike FreeRun +5

Have you done any changing about in your home recently?

Testing the Treadmill

Testing the Treadmill

Tonight, I gave my treadmill a wee road test (pardon the pun!)


I was late home from work; the clocks have changed meaning it was pitch dark outside, and the rain was pounding. Perfect treadmill testing time!

I ran for 20 minutes, just to give it a go, and get a feel for it. The machine was really steady and sturdy; it felt better than some gym treadmills I’ve tried. I set my Nike SportWatch to register my shoe sensor instead of the GPS, and away I went!

I was running reasonably fast (for me) but only registered at running around 10-11 minutes per mile. So, I increased the speed. I probably should have increased the incline instead- but I’ll try that out next time.

All in all, I enjoyed the novelty of it: being able to watch TV as I ran was fun, but in the long term I’m pretty sure that it won’t replace outdoor running for me 😉


Today’s Stats:

Run: 20 minutes

Distance: 2.1 miles

Trainers: LunarRacers

Weather: wet and windy, hence the treadmill run!

Today’s Life Lesson: the day after helping lift a treadmill is not the day for wearing a skirt- bruised shins is not a good look!

Has your running week gotten off to a good start?

New Toy!

New Toy!

Would you like to see my new toy?

photo (1)

OK, so it’s new-to-me, rather than new, but it is a decent, solid, heavy duty electric treadmill.  I figured that it would be better to buy a second hand one like this, rather than a new one that wasn’t up to much.

I love it!

This purchase isn’t designed to replace my outdoor runs: far from it. I only want to use it to enhance my existing running: maybe for speed training, and for days when the weather is really bad, now that we’re heading towards winter Me and ice don’t get on well at all: @TheWelshWookie calls me Bambi on icy days, as I struggle to walk if there’s even a hint of ice, let alone run on it!

Big thanks to @TheWelshWookie, as he did most of the work lifting this from the seller’s second floor flat, into the car (which I accidentally scratched 😦 ) into our house and upstairs to the spare bedroom.

It’s now in situ, and @TheWelshWookie has big plans to get the TV wall mounted on the wall in front of it, and setting it all up with the surround sound he has in the room; just to help encourage us to use it. Sounds like a plan to me!

I’ll get some pics up once we’re organised!

Any treadmill owners out there? When do you use yours?