Makin’ Space

Makin’ Space

Since collecting my treadmill on Sunday, we’ve been working around the other stuff that was in one of our spare bedrooms.

photo (1)

What you can’t see in this picture is the desktop PC in front of the treadmill, the musical instruments on the other side of the room, and the storage unit filled with electrical bits and bobs including a DVD player, video recorder, PS2, etc, etc.

Here’s where we got to, mid way through the clear and sort, when I was just about ready to throw everything away….. @TheWelshWookie wouldn’t let me 😉


And here we are, with the new set-up: the desktop PC is gone, the MacBook has relocated upstairs, and the TV is wall mounted, so that we can watch it while using the treadmill.

photo (2)

And, yes. At my age, I do still have my TY Beanie Bears on display. Does that say something deep and meaningful about me?

The wires and cables still need to be hidden, so we’ll pick up some trunking for that next weekend, but all in all, I’m delighted with all of @TheWelshWookie’s hard work today, setting this up.

Me? Well, I helped a little. And I watched my first two Christmas movies on Christmas24. I did run 5K watching the end of the second one, just to test out the wall mounted TV, of course 😉

And in other news, not only did the Zombified TartanJogger and @TheWelshWookie make it into the Lennox Herald as reported earlier in the week, we made it into the Helensburgh Advertiser too!

The article and picture are here  🙂

Today’s Run:

Run: on the treadmill. 5K.

Time: 34:40

Weather: very wet, dark and windy, but I don’t care, as I ran indoors!

Trainers: Nike FreeRun +5

Have you done any changing about in your home recently?

13 thoughts on “Makin’ Space

    1. You’re right, you know! On the other dude of the room is a set of bunk beds with a double futon and a single: any guests have to sleep with hundreds of beady black eyes watching them….

  1. Yes, having all those Beanie Babies does say something about you. I’m not sure what, but it’s probably something disturbing. Haha, glad you’re enjoying the ‘mill!

  2. That’s pretty awesome, looks like a great arrangement, Beanie Bears and all. I hope you’ll enjoy the treadmill and that it’ll help you keep running throughout the winter!

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