Skipness Castle Walk

Skipness Castle Walk

After the TT10K yesterday, I have given my legs a wee rest- no run today. Instead, @TheWelshWookie and I went for a walk around Skipness Castle. Skipness is a small village, located a few miles south of Tarbert. Although it is nearby, it has been a while since we’d been there.


I haven’t really tried out the camera feature on my Asus Iconia, and so we decided that a visit to Skipness Castle might put it through its paces.

photo_00007 photo_00009 photo_00011 photo_00012 photo_00013 photo_00017 photo_00018

We were delighted to see that the Castle has had a lot of work done since we last visited, and you can now go inside part of the castle, where the interior rooms have been restored with floorboards, so that you can better imagine what it would have been like to live and work there.

You can even go onto the roof, which offers some pretty good views of the Isle of Arran. It’ll be spectacular on a sunny day!

photo_00024 photo_00025 photo_00027 photo_00029 photo_00030

We walked up a track road, and found this lovely building, newly restored:

photo_00031 photo_00032

And, of course, we stopped off at Stonefield Farm & Coffee Shop on the way home. @TheWelshWookie had cheesecake; I had Cranachan Sponge. Yum!

photo_00033 photo_00034 Cropped_2013818

Over the coming week, I’m busy on a couple of evenings, so I’ll be keeping my running light- ready to start my 10K training in earnest next week, preparing for the GSR 10K in October.

6 thoughts on “Skipness Castle Walk

  1. Lovely – I was across from you last fall visiting relatives (Kilwinning area), so was viewing Arran from the other side 😉 Have put Skipness on my list of possible sites to see when next I come.

    And the coffee shop – the sponge looks yummy!!

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