A Terrific TT10K

A Terrific TT10K

I did it! I ran the TT10K, and I loved it!


I survived my third run in 12 days!


The weather was very kind to us: it did, unexpectedly, involve some sunshine.

IMG_2180 IMG_2169 IMG_2165

Yes, I found both off-road sections pretty tough, as they were both uphill, but what an amazing sense of achievement!


I’m pretty pleased with my time, considering the course, and I was definitely helped along by the really positive marshals and fantastic support.

We’ve been to the Village Hall, to take part in the Tarbert Harbour Authority Centenary Celebrations, and partied with free beer and BBQ! I wish all races ended like this!


I’ll post a full race report soon, but for now, the hot tub is calling; and I actually have a mud-related blister to tend to (there’s a new experience for me!).

Who’s up for next year? You’d be crazy to miss this one from your calendar!

Today’s Stats:

Run: 10K race: hilly, part road and part trail

Time: 1:06:00 or so. Forgot to end my run on my Nike+ SportWatch GPS at the finish line!

Weather: Cloudy with sunny spells, warm and humid

Trainers: LunarFly +3 GTX

Motivating running track today: This track played just as I got onto the Castle Loop- it’s one of my Power Songs. I LOVE it. And I needed it!

Today’s Life Lesson: Even older trainers and socks can still cause blisters, especially when caked in mud!

What was your first off-road run?

6 thoughts on “A Terrific TT10K

  1. Sounds like a great local race – makes that medal extra-special! I love off-road races – they’re my favourite thing! You did great considering you’ve just done a half marathon too!

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