Am I Cold Blooded?

Am I Cold Blooded?

It’s Monday evening here in Tartan Land, and it’s been one of those days today.

So, I was really ready for my three miler tonight!


@TheWelshWookie and I headed out to the harbour just as dusk settled around us. It was beautiful. Around the end of the first mile, it started to rain, and the rain continued until the end of our run, considerately stopping to allow us to walk home without being miserable. Just at the end of my run, I accidentally soaked myself by running through a big mahoosive puddle! I felt good- the run was just what I needed!


We pushed a little, and ran our fastest three miler in a while, at around 10.08 per mile. I’m pretty happy with that!

As usual, I came home, showered, and wrapped up in my comfies.

I have a question  I’ve been meaning to ask you all: do you often find yourself really cold after a run? What do you do about it?

I know that at this time of year, the walk home from a run can obviously cause my body temp to drop, but my home is toasty warm, I take a warm shower right away, swap into warm comfy clothes, often wrap up in a fleecy blanket and sometimes even switch on the fire. I rehydrate, and have something to eat, then have a hot drink. But – sometimes – I can be cold for a few hours after an outside run.

Does anyone else find this? What do you do to warm up again? Am I making any mistakes, or do you have any tips?


I’m thinking about adding a daily distance log to each blog post during March and April, to keep track of my kilometres for the Around the World Running Blog  Relay. What do you think?

Have you signed up yet?

21 thoughts on “Am I Cold Blooded?

  1. Glad you had a good run, even if you got wet. I’m resting today, because I need to punish myself for getting carried away on my long run yesterday by running it much too fast. I think it’s normal to get cold after a run. Like you, I make sure that I dry and warm as quickly as possible, and refuel as soon as I can.

      1. On another note, I’ve signed up for the ATWRBR as well. I think it’s a great idea to keep a distance log on our blogs somewhere. I’ll think about where to put mine. March won’t be the best month for me in terms of total distance, as I’ve got a half-marathon and marathon race coming up, and lots of tapering in between of course!

      2. Of course! Feb would have been much better for you! March is great for me, April less so, so I’ve tried to keep my estimated distance realistic. Glad you’ve signed up! 🙂

  2. Hey!! I usually heat up pretty good during my runs (even during the winter months), but once I’m done with my run (especially after 15 minutes or so), I get really, really cold! I will usually take a very hot shower, then put on a sweatshirt, and usually after a few minutes, I feel much, much better! 🙂

  3. At this time of year, getting cold fairly quickly after a run is common, especially when it’s wet. I read that you should remove wet clothing (including sports bra!) as soon as possible to start the warming process – the fact that you walk for a bit before getting home probably doesn’t help. If I’m soaked then I remove the wet stuff and stick a cosy dressing gown on before I stretch as I know I’ll get cold otherwise. After that I always have a toasty hot shower, get wrapped up in cosy jammies and have something hot to eat/drink. Based on asking a similar question over on fb last week, a lot of people seem to do the same!

    1. Oooh, my brain is failing me, I can’t remember seeing your FB post about it! But great minds think alike. Great tip about getting out of wet clothes before stretching- that would probably help me a lot!

  4. I also get really cold after a run, it’s so strange! I can’t wait for the blog relay, I’m thinking about tracking it on my blog too. I’m writing my training schedule for the month of March and April right now, I think this will be great motivation for me 🙂

  5. Got to love those puddles. I’m just the opposite – running warms me up for the whole day. I have noticed I get chilly when I haven’t eaten enough calories though, which makes sense because the body needs energy to run and keep itself warm. Maybe you’re low on fuel. Maybe chocolate is the answer.

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