Back Indoors

Back Indoors

Well, my outdoor running lasted from Saturday until Monday.

The weather has driven me back inside, and onto the dreadmill!

It’s not the driving rain that’s the problem, really. It’s the really high winds that have cancelled ferry sailings across the West coast. There was a time today when I could barely walk upright!

And so, after the elation of running in the fresh air, and at a decent pace, I was back to grinding out a slow run tonight. But I got it done, and feel smug better for it now.

I’m taking a rest day tomorrow, so hopefully I can get back outside on Thursday 🙂

20140225-195658.jpgHave you managed to get outdoors today? Have you run?

16 thoughts on “Back Indoors

  1. I’m so fed up of the wind and rain now and totally ready for spring! I’m on a rest day and I’m quite glad as it’s pretty windy around here again with some heavy showers passing through. Fingers crossed for later in the week!

  2. I was outside today. Well, I’ve been running outside all winter – I don’t know how different it would be if I had a dreadmill at home, like some lucky people do! The winds have led to some interesting training experiences for me too over the last few months. However, today it was refreshingly calm – it took me about 30 minutes of running to figure out why it suddenly felt so easy! 😉

  3. I am managing to get outside 4 times a week. I just have to commit to doing long ones to keep my mileage up! Just bought Yak trax or whatever they’re called in case it gets wintery again. Which it looks like it might. You’re doing great, anything, anywhere is better than nothing!!!

  4. Treadmills suck! But when it’s windy you have no choice. We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather here but it looks like rain is forecast from Thursday through Sunday. Maybe a rain/snow mix so not quite spring yet.

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