Movember Motivation

Movember Motivation

Is anyone else out there participating in Movember?


By participate, I don’t mean that I’m growing a moustache (fortunately, I couldn’t do that, even if I tried 😉 ), but supporting someone who is,  or doing some fundraising, or participating in a MoRun?

Here, chez TartanJogger, we’re doing just that.

After supporting Pinktober, promoting and fundraising for breast cancer research, November is the turn of the guys and supporting men’s health.

@TheWelshWookie started on 1st November, clean shaven, and his ‘tache is coming along nicely.

I’ve been wearing my moustache scarf 🙂

photo (1)

And, on Saturday, we’re both Mo Running, in the Glasgow 10K event. We have our moustache T shirts at the ready, and I have a neon green moustache to wear 😉

It’s a really good event, to both fund raise and raise awareness at the same time.

For more info, visit here.

On an aside, you’ll all be familiar with the classic, mo’ logo:


Every time I see it, I snigger.

Last year, @TheWelshWookie and I were at a Christmas Fayre, and overheard a conversation between two stall holders. They were looking at a doormat with a similar moustache logo on it, and the conversation was:

Lady 1: ‘I really like that doormat. The moustache on it is really cool’

Lady 2: ‘The what?’

Lady 1: ‘The moustache’

Lady 2: ‘Is that what that’s a picture of? A moustache?’

Lady 1: ‘Yeah, of course it is!’

Lady 2: ‘I always thought it was two whales kissing!’

Lol! So, to us, that moustache is now and forever two whales kissing 😉

9 thoughts on “Movember Motivation

  1. I won’t. I still have the emotional scars of being mistaken for 1970 porn star, the itching and the pain of shaving the thing off. I did manage to raise some money, which was something.

  2. I have been growing a moustache for a week but it is coming out ginger. Where did that come from? – I have Brown hair. I am not sure I can go out in public.

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