Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to another week: I hope the sun has been shining brightly on you today.

I’ve had a wonderful weekend: we’ve had visitors and it’s been wonderful spending time with my bestie Pauline, her other better half Gavin, Olivia and Christopher. We took a trip to Portavadie, visited the abandoned village Polphail, and did lots of talking, eating and walking. And a little drinking of vino and champagne, of course! 😉

As always, talk turned to books, and we ended up discussing the books of Jon Ronson: they recommended reading Them and The Psychopath Test. I downloaded both, and read Them last night, finishing it at lunchtime today. I’m now almost half way through The Psychopath Test and I’m really enjoying it too. They’re fascinating!

So, here’s a little something to think about: not so much Monday Motivation, more like a Monday Mental Check, I suppose!



I reckon mine is showing quite clearly….. is yours? 😛

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