Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Brrrr! Is it just me, or is it chilly out there? 

I had such a busy end to my week, last week: I managed to squeeze in a couple of classes before Wednesday when @TheWelshWookie, my bestie Pauline and I saw Deacon Blue in concert. They were AWESOME!   I then had a couple of days in Blackpool for a work seminar, and after that @TheWookie and I headed to Coventry to see family before Christmas. We got back late last night, and I was very happy to be back in my own bed!

Tonight I was back at body conditioning. I opted for lighter weights than usual which meant that I was able to better focus on my form and core. Boom! Love the class! Tomorrow night we have a fundraising evening, with back to back sessions of Glowercise, Pound, Zumba and VeraFlow. Bring it on! 

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