Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, welcome to another week! How was the past seven days for you? After the Spartan Run last Sunday, I took this past week off for rest and recovery. It was the perfect week for it as Jacqui is on holiday meaning I had no classes planned. 

Now that I’ve had a week to reflect on last Sunday’s achievement I can say that it was the toughest physical challenge I’ve done. I think that the terrain and the weather conditions combined with the tough course all taken together made it a real challenge and I needed some time to recover and to let some pretty major bruising begin to heal. 

We had visitors all week, which was also good timing as I didn’t have time to feel guilty for skipping training sessions or to be tempted to get back into running too soon. I also ate. A LOT. All week. Oops! 

I didn’t just relax and do nothing, though: I did five chunky walks of 1+ hours throughout the week to keep my legs ticking over, focussing on active recovery. 

Now that a new week has arrived, I’m back to it: the Tarbert Dookers Doubler is looming in less than two weeks, and I haven’t run more than four miles in a while, but I know my cross training will be keeping my fitness levels high. I ran 5k tonight quite comfortably: I could have run more but I want to focus on quality running this week. I’m planning on doing a run with JogScotland on Wednesday and then fitting in a longer run later in the week. 

Meanwhile, I came across this on Pinterest and thought I’d share it 😉  I love it! Have a great week 🙂

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