Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Sorry for my short post last week, but I just HAD to see the finale of Game of Thrones Season 7 😉, and boy- was it worth it!

But I didn’t settle down to watch until after WAR. I had a good week, fitness-wise: I started last Sunday with an 8.25 mile run which I found harder than I thought I would…. so I didn’t exactly start the week in a high note. But things took a turn on Monday with a solid WAR class, burning 460 calories. I worked hard!

On Tuesday I did two classes: first up was a new class, using a stability ball. I had one at home, which I dug out and blew up, not having used it for a very long time! It was lots of fun, and very different; I think Jacqui went easy on us to help build confidence, so I’m looking forward to developing more as my confidence- and my abs- grows! We followed that up with PiYo Stretch and Flow which was very welcome after the hard work on Sunday and Monday. 

Wednesday was an informal Jog Scotland session, out to the West Loch and back, while Thursday was back to PiYo for the signature round, this time including the higher intensity tracks which we don’t do on a Tuesday. 

I didn’t do much from Friday through to Sunday, as we were at a Clarsach residential weekend. It was lots of fun, with some brilliant people- I had planned to do some walking, but the weekend was so packed that it just didn’t happen! 

I was then back at WAR again tonight, and I found it very tough, probably after the full weekend we had. I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to my body, and a full week of classes has helped me to do that: I’m feeling some stiffness in my shoulder and lower back, so I’m going to keep paying close attention to those areas, dialling back the running intensity to help with recovery. 

Now that I’m back in a routine and have been for a couple of weeks, this quote here certainly resonated with me:  Have a good week! 

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