Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Well, it’s definitely turning wintery, the wind has a nip in it, and the temperature has dropped. Don’t you love the time of year? The only down side is the dark evenings, making it a bit more challenging to fit in running.

Last week, I had a solid week and I was almost back on track. I ate well, and I had an ace week with different classes:

Monday was the final WAR of this block, and I’m looking forward to trying out Glo again, which I haven’t done for some time. It should be great fun! Tuesday and I was back at stability ball, which was tough going: Jacqui added in weights, which was great. I wasn’t able to stay for Stretch and Flow, and I also missed Jog Scotland on Wednesday – it’s been a while since I’ve fit in a session, so I’m hoping to get along to the informal runs that are taking place between now and January.

Thursday night’s PiYo was magic: this new round is fun and challenging – and the music is awesome! We also had a return to VeraFlow, which I just love, and Jacqui introduced a mix of old and new tracks.

I’m hoping to fit in most classes this week, though I have other plans for Thursday night, so I will be missing my Piyo and VeraFlow fix. I’m sure I’ll make up for it somewhere!

Here’s your motivation for the week, if you need it:


Hve a great week! 😀

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. great motivations! I’m looking forward to getting back into running. For some reason my boyfriend and I are winter runners, even though the weather is miserable then. It seems during the summer we are just to busy with work on the farm, winter is our down time!

      1. Im not so crazy about running in the dark either, it seems the coyotes are more active out here at night in the winter, their howling cries freak me out and its really dark out here cause we live in the country! But I love running during a snowfall almost as much as I love running in the rain!

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