Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hands up – who found their plans scuppered last week due to the ‘Beast fae the East’? Not just me then? While we weren’t as badly affected in Tarbert as many places, we did have some snow which affected JogScotland, which was unfortunately cancelled two weeks in a row. Classes were affected to some degree, too, but we did have an awesome double header on Tuesday, when we had a Sculpt class, followed by Trigger Point Pilates. And we worked HARD at sculpt, I still had DOMS on Friday!

I’m finding that TPP is just what my body needs after a week of workouts, and it’s making a real difference.

Now that the weather is improving as we move into this week, I’m hoping for a full week of activity: tonight I have a douple class: Glo followed by Sculpt, and I have TPP on Tuesday. I’m hoping to get a short run in befroe that, too. Wednesday should ber a welcome return to JogScotland, and I’m really looking forward to PiYo and VeraFlow on Thursday.

I’ve eaten well this week, with most meals cooked from scratch (not by me, but by Tony of course), and I’ve mostly had healthy snacks. All in all I’m happy with that.

Here’s my weekly dose of Monday Motivation:


Have a good week – and let’s get back on it!

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