A Day of Deliciousness

A Day of Deliciousness

Although this is mainly a running blog, and I try to keep it focussed on running and eating well, sometimes lots of times, my life creeps in!

I’m sure that might bore some of you, and I’m sorry about that, but hey- it’s my blog 😉

So, after that intro, I think I’d better warn you. In twelve week’s time, I’ll be married. And so, that means some of my posts might include wedding talk over the coming couple of months (yawn, I hear you say!).

Today has been a day of getting organised. We only set the date back in late October, and although we have booked the main things, not many of the details have been ironed out. Hence, today is planning day! 😮

I’m trying not to turn into Bridezilla!

Of course, it also means that I have a fancy frock to fit into. And so, the healthy eating has been moved right back to the top of my agenda, where it should be! Last night I had a fab salmon salad for dinner. It was amazing! I had it with a couple of new potatoes, some chilli beetroot and light coleslaw.


So far today, I’ve had a breakfast smoothie, with strawberries, raspberries, yoghurt, chia, flax and protein powder:


Followed by another delicious Food Doctor pot for lunch:

photo (1)

And we have a lean pork casserole in the slow cooker for dinner. It’s smelling yummy!

What’s on your menu today? Any wedding tips you’d like to share?

22 thoughts on “A Day of Deliciousness

  1. Am hoping we get pics when the time comes! Continue to bore away, I for one will love reading all about it. As to what is on my menu, well hubby is cooking a bratwurst casserole a day off from doing a meal and I really don’t care what it tastes like! Slow cooker pork sound good, a future blog?

    1. Thanks, that makes me feel a little better!
      Bratwurst casserole sounds fab! The pork may well be a future post- if it turns ok! 😉

  2. Nothing boring about wedding posts! Bring it on I say! My tip? Enjoy it – enjoy making those final appointments like nails and hair! Have a bit of a pamper too. Ooh, and practically, if you haven’t already, start practising your new signature – that completely threw me when I had to sign something for the first time (I hadn’t practised).

    Menu for tonight? While I was out, Matt started a lasagne for tea tonight – can’t wait!!

  3. I got married in June and planned the whole thing myself… My advice would be to not get caught up in the small details, and try not to feel overwhelmed by the planning process (that was easier said than done for me, and we kept things really simple). Also, I was able to negotiate a lower price with almost all the companies I worked with! I feel like I have so much more advice but I can’t think of it at the moment… I’m sure I’ll think of more!

      1. This probably goes without saying, but a big one for me was remembering that you don’t have to do any traditional stuff that you don’t feel comfortable with or want. We decided not to have any bridesmaids/groomsmen or best man/maid of honor, we didn’t have a first dance, no bouquet toss, etc. People questioned our decisions, but ultimately you just have to do whatever you want and are comfortable with!

      2. I’m absolutely with you! We’re not having an official photographer, nor fancy cars: neither are important to me- spending time with family and friends is the important thing!

    1. I’m not taking anything too seriously or personally, I’m planning NOT to get stressed by it all! 🙂

  4. I love weddings! I hope the next 12 weeks are such happy ones for you and that you and your Welsh Wookie create lots of beautiful memories to look back on with love, joy and happiness. I’m so looking forward to LOTS of wedding posts 🙂

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