Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Oh, my goodness. What a weekend!

Glasgow is absolutely buzzing with activity, fun, entertainment, visitors, Clydesiders, athletes and all sorts! Have you managed to catch any of the Commonwealth Games this weekend?

We were at the concert on Friday, judo on Saturday morning, the 2014 Festival at Glasgow Green in the afternoon, dinner at Brown’s in the evening followed by the marathon on the Sunday, where we met Allison, The Running Princess and her hubby Steve.

I’ll share my pics from the weekend later in the week.

For now, here’s some inspiration courtesy of Team Scotland:


And, here’s Usain Bolt meeting Clyde!


Here’s to another fabulous week of sport!

9 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

      1. Yes, after we left you we got our photos taken at the Big G then headed to Glasgow Green and saw a bit of the women finishing the marathon. Great fun just to be there really

  1. Loving the Games coverage. Just so impressed with how fun friendly and professional it all is. I saw highlights of the men’s and women’s marathon and part of the cycling. Awesome.

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