Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello, everyone. I hope I didn’t bombard you too much last week, while I was catching up on my race reports. It feels good to have them done, and up to date.

How was your weekend? Mine was amazing: we had a night out in Glasgow on Friday night for my birthday, followed by Stacey’s baby shower on Saturday which was such great fun. Yesterday, we had lunch with Pauline and Gavin before seeing Miss Saigon’s 25th Anniversary show at the cinema. What an awesome weekend!  Tonight, we are back in Tarbert, and instead of lounging about after a busy weekend, we’ve been to Body Conditioning, to start the week off right. 

My autumn fitness fun is looking something like this:

  • Monday- Body Conditioning 
  • Tuesday- Pound
  • Wednesday- Jog Scotland
  • Thursday- PiYo and VeraFlow
  • Friday- Salsa

Yes- you read that correctly- dance classes for adults are coming soon to Tarbert and the first session will be Salsa! I’ve never tried salsa before but I’m very much looking forward to trying it. I’ll also try to get a weekend run in at some point, but not at the expense of some rest of course. 

Here’s a little Monday Motivation for you, if- like me- you need it: Have a lovely week!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 

    1. I hope so; I’m very excited by the idea of getting back to dance lessons! Glad you enjoyed them too, Allison!

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