Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Last week, I was thoroughly out of routine. Work demands meant that I spent the week in Edinburgh and so I didn’t get to any of my usual classes.

Should I have packed my running gear so that I could get some solid miles in? Well, yes. Did I? No, I didn’t. And my reasons were entirely practical: I was already lugging work clothes, casual clothes, laptop, work bag, etc and I just couldn’t carry two or three sets of running gear too.

I did loads of walking; getting in an average of 15,000 steps per day and I ate well, keeping on track- even with a few days of hotel breakfasts to tempt me! All in all, I’m really happy with how the week went for me, from a health perspective.

This week I’m looking forward to getting back to class, with a double header of Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates tomorrow night.

I really have shifted focus this year, my health and fitness goals are still in check but I’m not being as tough on myself as in previous years. Health is about so much more. Having said that, I am thinking about signing up for the next 5×50 challenge which starts soon. I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, this reflects how I feel at the moment:

Have an amazing week all!

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