Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

What a stonking week weather wise! It has been absolutely a-ma-zing! And to match the weather my motivation was much improved last week, certainly in terms of keeping my food healthier. And while I didn’t get in all of the runs I had intended, I walked a lot instead 👍🏻

Here’s my weekly summary:

Monday: Body Blitz Circuits. I pushed hard and could barely lift my arms by the end of class, resulting in DOMS for days afterwards!

Tuesday: a much needed Trigger Point Pilates class, which felt great after circuits

Wednesday: JogScotland run out the Glen Road which passed very quickly. Loved it!

Thursday: walk

Friday: walk

Saturday: walk

Sunday: we went to Campbeltown to support those taking part in the MOK (Mull of Kintyre) 10k and half marathon. It was great- though very hot and with a pretty severe headwind at parts. I was glad to be spectating and not running!

The Great Women’s Run is now less than two weeks away ( and, yes, I do still call it the Glasgow Women’s 10k which it was called for years!) and I definitely haven’t done as much training as I should, but I’ll definitely get round, no question. My TimeHop this week reminded me that five years ago I was comfortably running 10ks in sun one hour. Although I was able to do that this time last year, I’ve not done enough running to get near that. And I may never get back to those times again, but I reckon I’m fitter now than I was then with a much better balance of activities and recovery. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point where I’m pretty happy with my activities- though I would like to squeeze an extra run in each week.

Here’s something that has helped me with getting my mindset right at the moment-

Have a great week!

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