Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

It’s another new week, yay! How was the last week for you? Mine was ace! I stuck to our New Year Reset all week with little temptation. I kept up my exercise and my healthy eating and I’m definitely feeling the benefits. We also had a lovely, relaxing weekend which is why I needed, too.

Here’s how my week went in terms of exercise:

Monday: I headed out at lunchtime with Alison and Morag for a trail run. We did the same route as the previous Friday and we were slightly quicker. I also made it a little further up the big hill which was great!

I then went to the first Core Conditioning Class- it was tough and really challenging. I reckon I have pretty good core strength but this really pushed me and I have a long way to go to get the variation form. Lots to do!

Next up was Veraflow which was a lovely end to the day, with some great routines and movement ending with a much needed mindfulness section. A triple threat day!

Tuesday: or rather #TwosdayTuesday. It was our first sculpt class since before Christmas and it too was tough to get back into! Next I enjoyed Trigger Point Pilates, eh oh I needed to work out the muscles after a couple of weeks back in my exercise routine.

Wednesday: week two of our Jog Scotland block, our group did hill repeats which is a drill I struggle to do on my own. I’m really pleased we’re being challenged with different drills every week!

Thursday: I managed to fit in a walk and rounded the off on 12,500 steps

Friday: a cold, wintry walk along the harbour

Saturday: I had planned a run but my calf felt a little tight so we went for another harbour walk instead

Sunday: rest

All in all, I thought my week was good, all be it a little too front loaded. I’m not complaining though!

My new trail shoes arrived on Saturday so I’m planning on christening them with a lunchtime trail run tomorrow. Can’t wait!

I think this will be my mantra: have a great week!

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