Visiting the Velodrome

Visiting the Velodrome

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Today, I was at a networking event in Glasgow. As I left the house this morning, still half asleep, I keyed the post code into my sat nav, and I set off without thinking too much about where, or what, the venue was. It turns out that this was the venue:


It’s the Emirates Arena, one of the brand new facilities built for the Commonwealth Games, being held in Glasgow next year.


And do you know what venue is located within it? Go on, have a guess….. I’ll give you a hint…

Oh wait. Today’s post title gives it away!


Yip- the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Our event was held in a room overlooking the velodrome itself, and it looked pretty impressive! I didn’t even think to take a picture though.  I was obviously too busy gossiping networking 😉

@TheWelshWookie and I are going to enter the ballot for tickets at the weekend- we have an idea of which sports we fancy watching, so we’ll see what happens.

So, I headed home feeling inspired, and went for a six mile run. Unfortunately, after 4 hour’s driving yesterday and 5 hour’s driving today, I had lead-legs, but the final mile was fast, at 9:17! 🙂

Today’s Stats:

Run: 6 miles: 2 steady, 2 with lead-legs, 2 quick

Time: 1:02:58

Weather: Sunny and warm

Trainers: Nike Lunar Glides

First Running Track Today:

Today’s Life Lesson: remember to take photos when you go somewhere interesting! Doh!

Have you ever unexpectedly ended up somewhere before?

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Velodrome

  1. What a great venue! I think my parents are going to go to the cycling next year. Looks fab 🙂 I unexpectedly ended up at the White House when I went for a run in Washington DC this year. Most people look for it, not find it by accident!

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