Challenge Check-In

Challenge Check-In

Well, here we are, a whole week into Movember November already!


And so, that means I’m already one week into the Pile on the Miles 2013 Challenge!


I’m slightly off track. I should have achieved 35K by now, on the basis that I planned to do 5K per day. So far, I’m sitting at 30K, so I’m 5K adrift. I could be a lot worse!

Some of my distance has been walked rather than run and I was hoping to run it all. But with a 10K race on Saturday, I’ve been keen not to do too much running. I want my legs to feel fresh on Saturday, so that I can enjoy it 😀

But, after Saturday, I have no more races planned for 2013 (yet). Though I may try to sneak in a Santa Dash or two 😉

I’m looking forward to running purely for pleasure next week, with no training plan to stick to.

No doubt, after a few days I’ll be feeling a bit like a ship without a rudder!

How are you getting on with your November challenge?

7 thoughts on “Challenge Check-In

    1. It’s a LOT! I usually count in miles, so I’m not sure myself why I decided to set my challenge in Ks…. Hmmmm……

  1. I’m at 28.5 miles (don’t know K conversion either), which puts me ahead of the mark to reach my goal of 80. I’d love to hit 100, but I have a half marathon on Nov 24. I thought the taper and post-race rest might hurt my chances of hitting the triple digits, so I set the goal at 80. We’ll see. You’ll get caught up….no doubt!!

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