Great British Menu

Great British Menu

Are any of my fellow UK-based bloggers (or BBCWorldwide watchers)  fans of the Great British Menu?


You all know how much I love to eat. I love to watch programmes about delish food too! I watch loads: Masterchef in all its forms, Hells’ Kitchen. The Great British Bake Off, Saturday Kitchen…. I could go on and on……

Well, this week is the Scottish heat of GBM, and I’m fully supporting Jacqueline O’Donnell 🙂

I LOVE her pink apron:


You may remember that back in January I wrote this post about The Sisters Restaurant? I had the sea bass in a lobster cream sauce:


It was absolutely delish!

Well, Jacqueline runs The Sisters along side her sister, Pauline. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Jacqueline, and all will be revealed tonight in some areas, and tomorrow in Scotland.

What’s your favourite foodie show?

8 thoughts on “Great British Menu

  1. Great British menu food is too posh for me and portions not big enough but I do love Great British bake off, because I love to bake and eat cake

  2. After having British tv for a few weeks, I’m pretty sure I saw a little bit of that! Although the show that seemed to be on every time I turned on the tv was Come Dine With Me. It was so ridiculous, but sometimes we couldn’t stop watching…

  3. I am a GBO fan too! I will keep an eye out for this lady (fab apron!). I do like Masterchef but find there are too many iterations of it and it kind of waters it all down for me a bit. However, Saturday Kitchen has a firm place in our Saturday routine and heart! 🙂 and if I could kidnap Michel Roux or Jr just to keep them as personal chefs, I totally would!

  4. Never heard of that one. Though I do love watching some of the cooking shows – in fact, my buddy is going to be on a Guy Fieri series coming up in a month or so. He’s an awesome chef and was an alternate for the last season of Hell’s Kitchen.

    1. Love Guy Fieri! Loved the tailgate cook-off show he did. I think he’s a huge Raiders fan?

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