Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to Monday.  Is it a holiday where you are? It isn’t here in Argyll, so I’ve been busy working all day.

Today is day one of my Hal Higdon Marathon training programme. And it’s a rest day 😉  I’ve been really inspired by everyone’s running this weekend, be it at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, Mull of Kintyre runs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool, Bupa 10K or many other runs. Well done!

Here’s something to set up your week:


Absolutely. How are you going to be of value this week?

16 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Which Hal Higdon programme are you doing? Are you starting at the beginning even though you already have good fitness from your half? This always confuses me!

    1. I really liked the Novice 2 programme, even though I’ve been running for years. The Novice 2 marathon is starting at around just under the weekly mileage of the half training, so I’m hoping it will work out nicely!

  2. Can’t wait to follow along with your marathon training! I really want to run one someday in the near future.

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