Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

It’s summer! Welcome to July! And, of course, as the schools broke up on Friday the weather changed. I don’t have time off, but I do have lots of plans…

I have kept my fitness and health priorities on track this week, and as part of that, Jacqui challenged us to find a physical representation of any weight we have lost. For me, this was a great way of focusing on how far I’ve come since January- I have lost the equivalent of 45 LPs!

So that has helped me to reassert my commitment and here’s how I stayed on track last week:

Monday- an evening run with Alison and Lesley. We did hill repeats which actually flew by!

Tuesday- a triple activity day, Alison and I went for a lunchtime trail run and I also went to Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates in the evening. I upped my bands for the arm exercises and had DOMS the following day💪🏻

Wednesday- Jog Scotland run. The plan was a file run, but with a hot evening and low numbers we settled for a steady 30 minutes instead.

Thursday- PiYo. It too was hot, but I really enjoyed it, especially the Flow Fusion track. My knee is still getting in the way of moving well so I’ve had to continue to modify.

Friday- Walk

Saturday- evening walk along the promenade in Helensburgh. I took this no filter shot:

Sunday: we were busy with StreetFoodSunday all day, and I clocked up over 14,000 steps.

After a busy week and a busy weekend I’ve started today feeling pretty tired. I’ll be skipping my planned run and heading out for a walk later instead.

Here’s your weekly motivation, in case you need- like me- to remind yourself of your goals for a fresh, new month:

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