Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

I am the boss of my running. I am! It has taken a while recently but this weekend, I felt back in charge 😉

My local race was this weekend- the Tarbert TT10K and @TheWelshWookie and I ran in the inaugural ‘Dookers Doubler’ which was both the 5k and 10k.

I’ll save the race review for now, but I was pleased with how I did. My 5k time was less than a minute slower than last year, but my 10k time was over 3.5 minutes faster, so I was absolutely delighted! 😀

Here’s this year’s t shirt and medal:

 Aren’t they fab? 

I stretched my legs tonight with a 5k run, and I just had to wear my new shirt;) it was hot, hot, hot out there but my legs felt good. I’m feeling more confident now, as my attention turns to the Disneyland Paris half marathon next month.

Here’s a little something for today, which has helped me lots:  

Have a grand week, all!

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Good evening to you, on this fine holiday weekend. It isn’t a holiday for me- I’ve been working today- but I’ve enjoyed the weather from the office window;)

This weekend, I’ve done some gardening, digging up and clearing weeds. I’ve lots more to do, but it’s under way! This weekend Tarbert has hosted the Scottish Series sailing competitions, and the harbour has been a buzz of activity. It’s always good fun.

I’ve also drafted up our Disneyland Paris half marathon training plan and it begins in earnest tomorrow. You know I’ve tried lots of plans- Nike, Hal Higdon amongst others. This time I’ve designed my own. I want to keep my runs to three per week and I’ve built in some cross training, especially PiYo, active recovery and two day’s rest per week. I’m also starting with short runs to build momentum and my confidence. Since I’ve been injured, I want to build up slowly and steadily by not taking on too much too soon. Tomorrow’s two miler should be steady, easily achievable and hot hot hot!

Here’s my motivation to kick off the week:

 For me, it’s all about that self belief. 

Have a good week!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, everyone! Did you have a good week? I did. Yesterday marked the end of this year’s 5×50 Challenge and despite injury, I’ve really enjoyed it. Here’s a short photo summary of my 5×50 adventures: 

I’m not quite finished with challenges, though, as we are mid way through Paths For All’s eight week step count challenge. 

To celebrate the end of 5×50, we booked our flights and accommodation for the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon this September. We have our training plan at the ready, and once my injury has healed we’ll get back out running. In the mean time I’ll keep up with the walking and PiYo. 

Here’s a little something that reflects my current feelings: 

 Kidding! Here it is, really: 

Have a wonderful week!