Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

So tell me- how was your week? Did you see the Supermoon on Wednesday? It was pretty impressive here- and unusually, it was a clear night and we could see it!

Last week was a much better week for me. As reported, I had Glo on Monday and Trigger Point Pilates on Tuesday. And while I didn’t manage to JogScotland or to PiYo, I did get my earring and healthy choices under control – for the first week since before Christmas! Yay!

I wasn’t 100% committed all week but I was much more on track for much more if the time, so I’m taking that as a win.

I then went to see Strictly on Tour on Friday night which was awesome, I loved it! We went for dinner before hand, but I made good choices and didn’t have dessert- so I think that was fair enough, too.

Let’s see if I get through this week on track….. I’ll keep you posted!

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