The Blip is Back

The Blip is Back

Way back before was born, I had a Blipfoto account.

It lasted 12 days.

And, if I’m honest, that’s about how long I thought the blog might last. How wrong I was, eh?

I’ve decided that I’ve nothing better to do with my time I’d give Blipping another go.


For those not familiar, Blipfoto is an online photo journal, a bit like a blog, where you can record a picture and a few notes every day. Now, I know I’m not likely to post every day, but there may, perhaps, be some times when I think a picture needs shared, with a few more words than is right for Instagram!

If you’re interested, have a wee peek at by Blipfoto page.

Let’s see how long this lasts, eh? 😉

Tartan Running in NYC

Tartan Running in NYC

Unfortunately, I haven’t been TartanJogging in NYC today, but many others have been 🙂

Today was the Scotland Run 10K, organised by New York Road Runners, and it kicks off Tartan Week in the city.

Lots of runners wore kilts, and ran to the skirl of the bagpipes. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

The race attracted almost 8,000 runners; I particularly liked the saltire on the race bibs!

Photo from:
Photo from:

Maybe I’ll get to run it in the future – who knows?