Brazen Scottish Conservatives refuse to admit their lying over food safety in Scottish schools

Brazen Scottish Conservatives refuse to admit their lying over food safety in Scottish schools

Patrick Mackie

I’ve now heard from Tom Wall, the Digital Editor for Environmental Health News, that he’s had a response form the Scottish Conservative party about their mischief-making over food safety in Scottish schools. They do not deny the accusation of lying or mischief-making. Draw your own conclusions, folks.

In fact, you can email them at if you think their position is cowardly and contemptuous of the electorate – or if you think their position is virtuous and bold and you wish to congratulate them for sticking by their guns. Or you can follow their Twitter feed at @ScotTories, or even send them a message congratulating them on their brass neck.

The email exchange between Tom Wall and Michael Tait is below: <>
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 11:40 PM
To: Tom Wall
Subject: RE: School standards press release ‘misleading’

Dear Tom,

We have no further response…

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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hi everyone, sorry for being MIA over the past few days: it’s been a very busy weekend! More about that tomorrow.

In the mean time, here’s something that made me smile:


I naughtily skipped a 5K run on Saturday, but I’m back on track with my  Around the World Running Blog Relay run tonight!  I got in 3 miles, which I’m glad about. That’s 4.83 kilometres to kick off week three, and a total of 49.91K for March so far.

Did you have a busy weekend?

Bitter Suite Friday

Bitter Suite Friday

Happy Weekend to you, welcome to Friday!

Today is exactly four weeks until @TheWelshWookie and I get married.  Eeek! Time is flying by!


I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we were heading to a concert tonight. Do you want to know which concert? It’s a band I was a HUGE fan of when I was at school and at University: Hue and Cry.

They’re marking the 25th Anniversary of their dual album ‘Remote’ and ‘Bitter Suite’. Remote was a good, fun pop album, with slight political overtones. Bitter Suite was more acoustic, and was recorded live at the Renfrew Ferry. I love them both!


And so, Hue & Cry are playing two gigs: tomorrow night is a big, live full band set to celebrate Remote, while tonight is a full acoustic play through of Bitter Suite, with some ‘surprises’. I cannot wait!

I’m looking forward to having a break from wedding stuff, and from normal life – and reliving my teenage years for a few hours 😉

What was the last gig you went to? Have you revisited teenage bands much?

An Early Weekend

An Early Weekend

Today is my Friday! Yay! I can celebrate the arrival of the weekend 😉


@TheWelshWookie and I are off for a wee night out tomorrow: we are going to a concert, and will perhaps visit a hostelry or two while we’re out…… 😉 Watch out, Glasgow!

Well, our spring weather has lasted two days, today we’re back to ‘light drizzle’. Surprise, surprise, eh? But that didn’t get in the way of @TheWelshWookie and my three miler. We’re sticking to this Hal Higdon training plan like glue.

It was quite a slow run tonight: I had lead legs. That’s the first time in aaaaages that this has happened – I guess I’ve been overdue a rough run. But, hey. I got it done 😉

#ATWRBR2014: Today’s run brings my weekly total up to 11.27 kilometres, giving me 45.08 kilometres for the month so far 🙂

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom


Foodsafety mischief by Scottish Conservatives published in EHN_Online

Foodsafety mischief by Scottish Conservatives published in EHN_Online

Patrick Mackie

My small but persistent request for evidence from the Scottish Conservatives about the data underlying their mischievous claims about food safety in Scottish schools has been picked up by the prestigious on-line environmental health journal, EHN Online. Tom Wall, the reporter who wrote the story based upon the posts in this blog, relates that even he couldn’t get the party to show their working. Perhaps shaming on a UK stage will now prompt a response. As always, watch this space.

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Pampered Feetsies (Can Outrun The Bombsquad)

Pampered Feetsies (Can Outrun The Bombsquad)

Thanks to Girl Runs Wild for this! 🙂

Girl Runs Wild

A few weeks ago, the wonderful Tartan Jogger and I thought it would be fun to swap our running music playlists.

But rather than being all boring and lazy about it (and just e-mailing a list of all the songs), we decided to spice things up a little: each of us bought an mp3 player, uploaded our unedited running tunes (yes, including the embarrassing ones) and posted it the other person.


When I got home from work yesterday, I found a little parcel waiting for me and was surprised to find that it was rather bigger than your average mp3 player! The reason for this is that Tartan Jogger had included not just the mp3 player, but also an entire pampering kit for my tortured feet – including a soothing and cooling gel, soft socks and nail varnish – wonderful! After racing my socks off on Sunday, this wonderful present…

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Let’s Do Lunch

Let’s Do Lunch

Today, as I was having my lunch, I was thinking about how predictable this meal is for me. I’m a creature of habit. I don’t deny it 😉

I’m very fortunate, as we have a staff canteen on site. And almost every day I have soup for lunch. There’s always a choice of two home made soups available, and there’s a great range of flavours which staves off boredom.
I also find that this keeps me going until my run when I get home from work.

Despite my understanding of how counter productive it can be, I tend to eat my lunch at my desk, while working. I know, I know the benefits of taking a break, and I’m the first to tell everyone else to walk away and have a proper break, but I struggle to do it myself!

Tonight, I got in a great four mile run, in lovely weather once again! So, that’s another 6.44 kilometres, totalling 11.47k for the week so far, and 40.25 for the month.

So, how’s your lunch? What do you have? Do you take a break?


Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Welcome to another fresh week, laid in front of us, ready for us to run all over it!

I think that the sunshine today has gone to my head 😉 We’ve has a lovely day here on the west coast of Scotland!

And so, it wasn’t difficult to head out for my  Around the World Running Blog Relay run tonight!  I got in a speedy-for-me 3 miles, which felt great after Saturday’s long run.  That’s 4.83 kilometres in the bag for week two, and a total of 33.81K for March so far. I can’t believe how far we ran during week one: you can check out Kyla’s week one recap here!

How has your day gone?


Affy Windy

Affy Windy

This morning, @TheWelshWookie and I headed out to do our eight mile run. We had perfect running conditions: it was cool and overcast but dry. However, it was affy windy. So much so that when we got to the harbour the Tarbert – Portavadie ferry wasn’t running!

We headed out on around glen road, which was where we ran a fortnight ago. It was quiet, and we kept our pace slow. We then headed back into the village, and along our usual harbour route to Garvel then around the harbour to the concrete and back. 8 miles done. It felt really good today!


This was @TheWelshWookie’s longest ever run, and he felt good afterwards, too: the steady, slow pace and fuel practice paid off.

I took the MP3 player that Girl Runs Wild sent. And, I can tell you, she has some great taste in music! It has loads of really good, upbeat tracks, including ‘Gloria’ by Laura Brannigan, ‘Suddenly I See’ by KT Tunstall and ‘Grace Kelly’ by Mica. I was so excited to hear a track by The Lightning Seeds that I hadn’t heard for years! (It was ‘Sugar Coated Iceberg’ in case you’re wondering). Then, at around the 6 mile mark, I heard the first track that we both have, it was ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack. Love that.

As I got to my final hill, I was cheered by some good old Meatloaf, and I was signing along like a loon! @TheWelshWookie thought I was singing ‘I Battered the Hill’ instead of ‘Bat out of Hell’, so I think I’ll be sticking with those new lyrics from now on 😉

To finish the final mile, I had some Mumford and Sons, which was just right at that point in my run. I can definitely say that I am so glad we did the swap: I’ve heard some great tunes I don’t have, or I had forgotten about, and I’ve been introduced to some great music I hadn’t heard before. I’m not sure what Girl Runs Wild will think of my playlist, but I’m looking forward – with trepidation – to finding out!

After today, I’ve added to my  Around the World Running Blog Relay total by another 8 miles, or 12.88 kilometres, which brings my  total to 28.98 kilometres for week one 🙂

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend: I know it’s LA Marathon time, and the Inverness Half tomorrow too.

Are you running this weekend? What’s your goal?