Monday Motivation

Published August 25, 2014 by Tartan Jogger

My goodness, August has almost drawn to a close, and I noticed that the leaves on the trees in Lochgilphead are turning a little yellow – autumn will be here all too soon!

We had a brilliant weekend once again, it’s always great fun catching up with family. I have a really busy week coming up, followed by the Foodshare 5 miler on Saturday. And we’re doing our family Secret Santa draw at the weekend, too – happy days :)

Just to underline the news that autumn is on it’s way, its our Fantasy Football Draft next Sunday too. Wowee!

I’ll try to get my outstanding blog posts up soon…..

Meanwhile, here’s something I’m going to be putting into practice this week:


Does this strike a chord with you too?


Reasons to be Happy

Published August 22, 2014 by Tartan Jogger

I’m sure that most of you have seen, or participated in the ‘3 days of positivity’ posting on FaceBook. I was lucky to have been nominated by Allison the Running Princess earlier in the summer.
I really enjoyed it, and I’ve now decided that a ‘Reasons to be Happy’ post might be a nice, regular addition to my blog.
I’ve slipped with blogging recently- life does sometimes get in the way- and that’s something I am using as a positive: I’m lucky to be so busy!


So, this week I’ve had many reasons to be happy.
1. I get to spend time with family tomorrow: I can’t wait!
2. It was @TheWelshWookie’s birthday yesterday and it was also my nephew Kieran’s birthday too, so Kieran surprised @TheWookie with a FaceTime call last night!
3. I had a busy, positive, productive Dream Team meeting yesterday.
4. My GSR t shirt AND my GB Relay medal both arrived in today’s post. Hurrah :)
5. It’s 50 days until our trip to Disneyland Paris!
What are your reasons to be happy this week?

Monday Motivation

Published August 18, 2014 by Tartan Jogger

Well, where did that weekend go? It whooshed right past me!

We had a fantastic run at the Tarbert 10K. The weather wasn’t great, but it was such a fun race with the BEST support of any race I’ve taken part in.

I’m afraid that I’ve been really busy lately, and I’ve yet to fill you in on both the Kilt Run and the TT10K, but I’ll get to those whenever I can: bear with me!

You might remember me complaining about mentioning my ankle being tender during this summer, which had curtailed my training this year. Well, it has taken it’s toll, and my ankle is yelping at me after Saturday’s run. I know now that I’ve definitely done the right thing postponing the GNR and my first marathon attempt.

This quote really got me through Saturday’s run: I was really relaxed, and quite content to sit near the back of the field:


I have another busy week ahead – I’m sure you do too – enjoy!

Monday Motivation

Published August 11, 2014 by Tartan Jogger

Happy Monday!
I hope you have been enjoying glorious sunshine today and not the dreary rain we’ve had here. I’ve had a wonderful weekend, including running a fantastic 5k at the Perth Kilt Run.
While we didn’t achieve the world record, it was a great day. More about that later in the week.
I was caught in a photo taken by one of the official photographers and, well, I knew I’d gained a few pounds since the wedding, but being confronted by the photographic evidence is something else!
So, when I saw this tonight, I had to share it:

I’m now firmly back on the bandwagon. Nine weeks until Disneyland Paris, so it’s time to refocus!

The Ups and Downs of Running

Published August 8, 2014 by Tartan Jogger

Hills. They’re hard work, challenging and necessary training for us runners. I’ll be facing some corkers at the TT10K in a fortnight.
But this post isn’t about hills. It’s about the highs and lows of running that I’ve been working on recently.
You might remember that I made the decision to withdraw from the Loch Ness Marathon a few weeks ago. Well, I’ve also made the call and withdrawn from the Great North Run too.
Although my ankle is doing ok, I haven’t really tested it on a long run, and as a result of that I think I haven’t done the training and preparation I would have liked. For me, running is, above all, about having fun, and I just don’t think I can give the run what it deserves this year. So, goodbye, race number, it was nice to have you in my hand for a minute before being posted back.

The good news is that I have a guaranteed spot for 2015: there’s always an upside :)
Now to the highs: I can really enjoy the Perth Kilt Run tomorrow, with no pressure or time in mind. Similarly, I’ll just be aiming to have fun at next weekend’s TT10K without any add on miles or stress. I’m just going to go along to both runs and enjoy myself. :)
After all, that’s what we run for, right?
I’m hoping for plenty of tartan photies tomorrow! :P

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