Monday Motivation 

Evening, all.

It’s that time of year again: half marathon training is GO! And it kicks off with a rest day, hurrah!

Our next half is the Mull of Kintyre half marathon, which sold out in a couple of hours. It’s consistently voted best half in Britain, and includes a beach run :o

I’ve done the 10k before, but never the half- I’m quite excited about it!

We’ve also secured places in the Great North Run and will be signing up for the Great Scottish Run too. It should be a great year- if I can fit into my running gear, that is!

@TheWelshWookie secured a GNR charity place and so we are going to run and raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. 

Here’s a little something to celebrate a special birthday today:

I love that ;)

Monday Motivation

Hello! Here we are, with a lovely, fresh week ahead of us. My half marathon training begins next Monday, so this will be my last slacker unstructured week ;)
I’ve just had a great time at Clubbercise, which I really needed after a bit of a lazy weekend.
I’m now up to date on Better Call Saul and Series One of The Americans , I love both!
Here’s something I came across this weekend on Pinterest which I hope you’ll like:

Have a wonderful week- and get your trainers on!

Monday Motivation – Clubbing Style!

It’s Monday! And I am MOTIVATED! :D

This weekend, @TheWelshWookie and I have been busy. We’ve decorated the hall, and it is looking fantastic. We have also -at last – replaced our cooker. The last one blew up :o and we just hadn’t gotten round to getting a new one. But, now we have: and can you guess the first thing made in it?

Yup. Chocolate Cake :D

But it will make healthy eating a little easier again. After I treat myself to a pizza this week, of course. Pizza, I have missed you!

Anyhow, I have kickstarted this week in a fun filled and energetic way – with a Clubbercising class! It was totally AWESOME!

The class is aerobic, dance style, which you can do to suit your own abilities, either high or low intensity. Everyone has glowsticks, and the music is upbeat: dance, clubbing style. I LOVED it! :)

And what was even better was the lights are dimmed, there are disco lights, and no one is watching what you’re doing ;)

Some of my favourite running tracks were used, which was great: Titanium and Pump up the Jam, amongst others. But the track of the evening was one I remember very fondly from clubbing in Glasgow when I was in my late teens, early twenties:

Gotta love me some N-Trance on a Monday night, reminding me of Destiny nightclub, and The Boulevard at the weekends.  Brilliant!

If you get the chance, take a Clubbercise class!


Bring on February!

Monday Motivation


I almost forgot to post my regular Monday blog post! But, I did remember ;)

How’s your January doing? I’m a little ahead of myself – my spring cleaning is well under way. I spent Saturday clearing out, cleaning and organising: I now have four large bags for the charity shop, a bag of extra rubbish and a whole lot of tidiness :)

On Sunday, I spent a lot of the day shred, shred. shredding. I’ve already gone as paperless as possible in work, and so that’s me now virtually paper-free at home, too. Any important documents are all scanned as they arrive, and saved on both the hard drive and cloud. It’s a great feeling!

As for running, well, meh. Tomorrow. I’ll get back to it tomorrow. Promise!