Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to all of those who conquered marathons this weekend: I hope the aches aren’t too bad today.

While you’ve been running, @TheWelshWookie and I have been celebrating our first wedding anniversary: first, at a Partick Thistle football match 😳, then on a trip to Edinburgh which involved gin tasting, a ghost tour through the the city vaults and a graveyard, a tour around Mary King’s Close then Edinburgh Castle. Phew! No running, but plenty of walking for us. We even visited the coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote much of the early Harry Potter books :)

I’ll share some pics when I’m back home. For now, we’re on the train heading back to Glasgow, for a spot of impromptu babysitting. 

In the mean time, I hope this makes you smile :D  

 Wouldn’t it? 

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Evening, friends. 

I’m on a roll so far with my 5×50 challenge, I rowed and walked for day one; and I’m counting my Clubbercise class for today. I’m sorry to just pop in for a brief post today: gotta go!


I’ll try to pop by later in the week if I can- I have a roller coaster week ahead.

A 5×50 Hat Trick

A 5×50 Hat Trick

Well, better late than never- for the third year in a row, I’ve signed up for the 5×50 Challenge. 

This challenge encourages all participants to carry out 5k of walking, running or cycling each day or 30 minutes of activity- an exercise class, fitness DVD or strength training.


It kick off tomorrow, so if you fancy signing up, you’d best get your skates on! Sign up here.

I’m off for a wet and windy run- wish me luck! ☺️

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello. Sorry for my lack of posts this week, but it’s been a tough week. Unfortunately, it hasn’t left me much time for blogging, nor for much else.

Having said that, here’s another new week which I’ve started with a stressful day at work followed by a great endorphin-releasing Clubbercise class.

Boy, did I need that!

I seem to be really out of step (pardon the pun) with my running. I think it’s a mental barrier, but it’s holding me back more than I’d like. Do you ever get weeks where you just can’t get past the Toxic 20? And it’s really draining? Well, yeah, that’s been me.

And now it’s crunch time: get back on track this week or jeopardise my next half marathon- the Mull of Kintyre. 

I’m going for it- and getting back on that horse! 

I hope you’ve got your training on track :) 

Monday Motivation 

Monday Motivation 

Hello there! How’s your Monday? Did you have a good weekend? Mine was fabulous!

My bestie, her hubby and two kids were through for the weekend and it was great! Plenty of fresh air, good food and fantastic company. We had a good laugh and plenty of gossip ;)

The record player was going, and we had a lot of fun. 

Now it’s back to routine,with Clubbercise tonight. I’m sure I have a few extra pounds to lose that I didn’t have on Friday…. :o

I’ve been struggling on my runs recently. Rather than beating myself up about it, I’m looking at it like this. I’m going to pause, and look at what I am doing.

Have a great week!

Dermot’s Day of Dance

Dermot’s Day of Dance

It’s that time of year again – Comic Relief. For those of you not in the UK (or living in the UK but under a rock ;)) Comic Relief takes place every two years, with the in-between year now being filled by Sport Relief. But – essentially – they do the same thing, raising funds for vulnerable people at home and abroad.


One year it’s sports-led, the other is comedy-led. But, to be honest, there isn’t that much difference, and activities have generally merged together in recent years.

I’ve been enjoying some of the shows involved in the build-up, most noticeably Only Connect and the Great British Bake Off. I’m also looking forward to some of the sketches lined up for tonight’s telethon – especially the James Bond one. ;)

But, the main event for me this year has to be Dermot O’Leary’s Dance off. Imagine dancing for 24 hours – wow! I was so impressed by Jo Wylie’s 24 hour treadmill challenge last year – but dancing? That’s something else!


So far, I’ve seen some of the choreographed dances, and I’ve seen a LOT of ‘dad dancing’ too ;), and I think Dermot would be first to admit to that. I think he’s a great DJ, who always gets the cool acts on his radio show. It’s been fun to see him do something a little different for charity!

His dancing ends tonight at 7pm, when the TV show begins – before then you can catch him on the BBC, on the red button. Check him out, and donate! :)