Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, and welcome to a shorter than usual post from me this week.

I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks which has impacted on my ability to stick to my fitness goals, but I’m just going with it, and resting when I’ve had to. Here’s how my week went:

Monday: after a super busy weekend I started my week with a walk

Tuesday: my usual double class of Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates. We tried out Pilates hoops during Sculpt which really challenged a whole different set of muscles!

Wednesday: we had visitors so we went for a walk as we didn’t have time to get to Jog Scotland

Thursday: my weekend and busy week travelling caught up with me so I took a rest day. I really missed PiYo though!

Friday: lunchtime trail run, we ran up the hill so I really felt the benefit of the rest day!

Saturday: a busy day, Alison signed us up for the Glen Scotia Marathon as a really team- so I need to get the running training back on track, to build consistency once again

Sunday: walk

I’m facing another busy week but I plan on fitting in an extra couple of runs. I have a draft training plan written so it just needs some tweaking now.

Here’s your motivation for this week:

This was exactly what I needed to see to get me back out there with some focussed training 👍🏻

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

It’s summer! Welcome to July! And, of course, as the schools broke up on Friday the weather changed. I don’t have time off, but I do have lots of plans…

I have kept my fitness and health priorities on track this week, and as part of that, Jacqui challenged us to find a physical representation of any weight we have lost. For me, this was a great way of focusing on how far I’ve come since January- I have lost the equivalent of 45 LPs!

So that has helped me to reassert my commitment and here’s how I stayed on track last week:

Monday- an evening run with Alison and Lesley. We did hill repeats which actually flew by!

Tuesday- a triple activity day, Alison and I went for a lunchtime trail run and I also went to Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates in the evening. I upped my bands for the arm exercises and had DOMS the following day💪🏻

Wednesday- Jog Scotland run. The plan was a file run, but with a hot evening and low numbers we settled for a steady 30 minutes instead.

Thursday- PiYo. It too was hot, but I really enjoyed it, especially the Flow Fusion track. My knee is still getting in the way of moving well so I’ve had to continue to modify.

Friday- Walk

Saturday- evening walk along the promenade in Helensburgh. I took this no filter shot:

Sunday: we were busy with StreetFoodSunday all day, and I clocked up over 14,000 steps.

After a busy week and a busy weekend I’ve started today feeling pretty tired. I’ll be skipping my planned run and heading out for a walk later instead.

Here’s your weekly motivation, in case you need- like me- to remind yourself of your goals for a fresh, new month:

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Last week disappeared. It just completely ran away from me, and here we are- one week before schools break up and the summer begins. It’s always a risky time for health and fitness goals! Here’s a round up of my week:

Monday: I was tired after the weekend but we made the most of a beautiful evening my going for a walk

Tuesday: I loved both classes, I increased my bands at Sculpt and Jacqui changed up the routines which was just what I needed. Trigger Point Pilates was lovely- but painful! We focussed on legs, knees and hips.

Wednesday: Jog Scotland Run, we did lamppost sprints and it was fab!

Thursday: I was in Glasgow so stayed at my parents overnight. That gave me the chance to run Balloch Park, my old regular route when I lived in Dumbarton. I was surprised at how flat I found it- when I ran it regularly I used to think it was hilly. How wrong I was! I recalled that I’d run a loop of the park in around 23 minutes back then. Now, even coming back from injury I did it in 21 minutes!

Friday: after a long day in Glasgow I didn’t manage anything so I had a rest day

Saturday: walk around Glasgow’s West End

Sunday: another walk in lovely sunshine

Here’s some motivation for this coming week:

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Hello, everyone. I’m afraid I’m suffering from post holiday blues over here, and a tough week at work hasn’t helped with that. Ah well, we all get those kinds of weeks, don’t we?

On a positive note, I had a really good week in terms of my health and exercise targets:

Monday: we went for a walk after work which helped to blow away some cobwebs!

Tuesday: I had a ‘Tuesday Triple’: a lunchtime Run with Alison followed by Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates in the evening. We focussed on hands and feet, and I felt great afterwards, although was shattered on Wednesday!

Wednesday: Jog Scotland, we did an easy 5k

Thursday: PiYo

Friday: another evening walk.

We had a busy weekend, Saturday was spent setting up for Fèis an Tairbeirt’s annual Ceilidh which was a fab night! Many hands help with clear up, so it wasn’t a late evening. Sunday was much quieter, and very much a day of relaxing and recharging.

Here’s a thought as we head into a new week:

Let’s focus not on what we say we will do, but on what we actually do. Go smash it!

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Well, I’m not quite sure how that happened: last week passed in a bit of a blur, and here we are, at Monday once again.

My week last week was unusual and very busy, but I feel a little out of touch and not terribly grounded. My plan for this week is to try to refocus on the priorities as much as I can.

In terms of health and wellness, my week was ok, but could have been better.

Monday- first day back, post holiday, so I eased back gently with a walk.

Tuesday- was the opposite! First up, I RAN! Yes, it wasn’t pretty but I managed a lunchtime walk/run. I followed that up with Sculpt and Trigger Point Pilates, so it was great to be back after weeks off.

Wednesday- back at Jog Scotland, and we did a 5k to celebrate Global Running Day

Thursday- for the first time in eight weeks, yes, eight weeks, I was back at PiYo. I loved it, though I had some spectacular DOMS on Friday!

Friday- an evening walk to clear my head was just what I needed, despite the rain

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- a late afternoon walk in glorious sunshine

Here’s to a refocused week ahead: