I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

Earlier this month, I posted about Mo Farah’s pledge to move from Metres to Miles in 2014, and how I was considering running my first marathon, too.

Well I’ve only gone and done it. I’ve signed up for  The Loch Ness Marathon this September! Eeek!


I thought: this is the year. It’s the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It’s the Year of Homecoming across Scotland. Mo’s stepping up the distance. And I signed up!

There was something extra special about signing up for this race: it’s the first race I’ve signed up for in my married name- since I’ll be an ‘auld married wummin’ by then! That was exciting, too!

Be prepared to be very bored with my marathon chat, folks! 😉


Friday Fantasia

Friday Fantasia

Tonight, I went with my sis and two of my nephews to see Fantasia, with a full orchestra.
It was awesome!
Roll on the wedding of the year tomorrow!



Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday










Movember Round Up

Movember Round Up

Well, now that we’re at the end of Movember, and staring down the barrel of December (yay!) I thought I’d do a quick Movember round-up.


Favourite run this month?

@TheWelshWookie and I really enjoyed the MoRun earlier this month:


And @TheWelshWookie has been sporting his Mo all month:

photo (3)

All in the name of charity 😉

I was delighted to find out that my MoRun race report was mentioned on the Mo Running website’s MoBlog!

Screenshot (16)

Favourite food this month? Well, it’s been a toss-up between a bag of metcalfe’s popcorn and my pizza and salad last week:

photo photo (1)

What has been your Movember highlight?



Back in September, I shared with you my product review of the CrossTrain ID Bracelet. I’d been super-fortunate, and I had won it on Run Eat Repeat‘s fab blog.

img_2459 (2)

I wouldn’t say I’m usually lucky: I seldom win raffles or anything like that, but this year I also won the ‘guess the number of midges in the jar’ comp at Tarbet Seafood Festival back in July:

IMG_1413 IMG_1469

My prize was champagne, sweeties and skin-so-soft to stop the midges biting! They say that the best things come in threes. And I’ve won my third comp of the year: a £50 voucher to spend at the wonderful Pink Poodle Boutique which is located in the West End of Glasgow. I’ve been shopping there since I was at University, waaay back last century, and they have all kinds of quirky, pretty gifts and treats for sale. 🙂 Here’s how I found out:

photo (1)

It’s also my third FaceBook competition win: in the past, I won six cupcakes and a Modalu handbag.

I love winning! I might never win a race, but that’s OK with me! 😀


What have you won before?

Nathan’s Christening

Nathan’s Christening

Have you had a busy weekend, or a quiet one?

Mine has been busy. We had my nephew Nathan’s Christening yesterday, and we had a fantastic day.

Nathan with his mum and dad, and his god parents!

After the church service, we had a family meal in Paperino’s, Byres Road, which was great. Pizza and pasta. Yum!

We then had a brilliant family-party night, with lots of food, fun, dancing, and a few drinks 😉

Nathan liked his cake:


We’re now home: @TheWelshWookie is finally feeling a little more human!

Back to the running, rowing and strength work tomorrow 😉

MoRun: Done!

MoRun: Done!

Well, Glasgow Green was frrrrreeeeeezing this morning!
But, despite the cold and later the rain, we did it!



Getting Ready to Mo!

Getting Ready to Mo!

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way through to Glasgow to run the MoRun on Saturday. Woo Hoo! I’m so excited!

I have my race number, so registration tomorrow morning should be pretty straight forward.


I’ve also organised my race day gear, and it’s all safely packed away, ready. I’m still debating whether to wear a long sleeved base layer under my T-shirt. What do you think? The forecast is for light rain, with temps at around 5C/41F.

Would you like a sneak peek at my outfit?

photo 2

And we have our snacks sorted: overkill for a 10K, right? I like to be prepared. We have enough to share!

photo 1

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes, wish me luck! 😀

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you running?

Challenge Check-In

Challenge Check-In

Well, here we are, a whole week into Movember November already!


And so, that means I’m already one week into the Pile on the Miles 2013 Challenge!


I’m slightly off track. I should have achieved 35K by now, on the basis that I planned to do 5K per day. So far, I’m sitting at 30K, so I’m 5K adrift. I could be a lot worse!

Some of my distance has been walked rather than run and I was hoping to run it all. But with a 10K race on Saturday, I’ve been keen not to do too much running. I want my legs to feel fresh on Saturday, so that I can enjoy it 😀

But, after Saturday, I have no more races planned for 2013 (yet). Though I may try to sneak in a Santa Dash or two 😉

I’m looking forward to running purely for pleasure next week, with no training plan to stick to.

No doubt, after a few days I’ll be feeling a bit like a ship without a rudder!

How are you getting on with your November challenge?

Movember Motivation

Movember Motivation

Is anyone else out there participating in Movember?


By participate, I don’t mean that I’m growing a moustache (fortunately, I couldn’t do that, even if I tried 😉 ), but supporting someone who is,  or doing some fundraising, or participating in a MoRun?

Here, chez TartanJogger, we’re doing just that.

After supporting Pinktober, promoting and fundraising for breast cancer research, November is the turn of the guys and supporting men’s health.

@TheWelshWookie started on 1st November, clean shaven, and his ‘tache is coming along nicely.

I’ve been wearing my moustache scarf 🙂

photo (1)

And, on Saturday, we’re both Mo Running, in the Glasgow 10K event. We have our moustache T shirts at the ready, and I have a neon green moustache to wear 😉

It’s a really good event, to both fund raise and raise awareness at the same time.

For more info, visit here.

On an aside, you’ll all be familiar with the classic, mo’ logo:


Every time I see it, I snigger.

Last year, @TheWelshWookie and I were at a Christmas Fayre, and overheard a conversation between two stall holders. They were looking at a doormat with a similar moustache logo on it, and the conversation was:

Lady 1: ‘I really like that doormat. The moustache on it is really cool’

Lady 2: ‘The what?’

Lady 1: ‘The moustache’

Lady 2: ‘Is that what that’s a picture of? A moustache?’

Lady 1: ‘Yeah, of course it is!’

Lady 2: ‘I always thought it was two whales kissing!’

Lol! So, to us, that moustache is now and forever two whales kissing 😉